Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another hobby of mine...

Drawing: I used to have this hobby when I was a kid. But nowadays I rarely got the chance to sit with my pencil which is very unfortunate for me. Just recently I've found back few of my "master piece". Hehe. My passion is more on drawing portraits. But last year I'd tried something new. I put my dream house to "real" by my drawing. This is for you, for me and for them..

1.My dream western style bungalow
2.My drawing-Edited with FotoFlexer effects (just to make it look nicer)



Anonymous said...

Din noe u can draw too piggy?luks like u hv loadz of other talents which I'm nt aware of..keep up da gud job!=)

fyle said...

haha.. remind me the sketch tat u did during the exh rehersal... nice sketch.. sketch one red-angrybird for me pls.. XD